“Kirie” – paper cutting is an art form believed to have originated in Asia, traditionally used during prayers or for warding off evil spirits. Once it was established as a cultural practice, it evolved into design and art, leading to the emergence of Kirie artist as a profession.

Cutting paper with a blade resembles sutra copying in terms of working posture, and shares discipline of concentration and patience with Zen meditation. Nowadays Kirie artists can be found all over the world, but those from Japan are particularly known for their extremely detailed and delicate works, likely a reflection of their underlying cultural ethos. This workshop will be a unique opportunity for you to experience Japanese spirit and ethos through the art of Kirie.

Various design templates in A5 format will be provided. Choose one you like, place the template on top of coloured paper, and secure them with a stapler. Put them on a cutting mat and cut out the design with a craft knife. Envelope is available for you to bring your art piece home. The necessary materials and tools will be provided on site.


Dates: Saturday 05 October, 2024

Time: 12:30-14:30

Price: 35€  p.p.

Instructor: Yusuke SHIMOMURA 

Languages: 日本語, also interpreted to Dutch and English

Location: 't Japanse Winkeltje, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177-1, 1012RK Amsterdam


About Yusuke SHIMOMURA

After his student days playing rugby for ten years, he took a job at a ramen noodle shop. In 2012, he began teaching himself the art of paper-cutting (“Kirie” in Japanese). Since 2014, he set his sights abroad, traveling to different countries and holding Kirie workshops around the world. So far, he has been in the United States, Spain, New Zealand, France, Serbia, and Bulgaria, introducing over a thousand people to the world of Kirie craft.


Conditions for participation:

・Understand one of the instruction languages.

・Take staircases to the workshop space on the upper floor.

・Handle a knife safely and appropriately without guidance or support by others.


Sign up/Questions: via mail to the organizer “Musters Art Gallery” mustersartgallery@gmail.com
(Please note that 't Japanse Winkeltje is not the contact for this workshop.)

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